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The Newsroom: Issues : Premarin Foals

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For more information on the PMU Industry and Horse Slaughter, visit these web sites:

United Animal Nations’ anti-Premarin Campaign
PMULines (UAN’s anti-Premarin newsletter)

(The first national coalition of horse groups against horse slaughter )

American Horse Defense Fund
(AHDF is an equine advocacy group based in the D.C. Metro area.) Info. on: Horse slaughter; Premarin; “soring”; wild horses.

Equine Protection Network
Excellent, comprehensive site, includes info. on: Horse slaughter; transport; cruelty; legislation. Henneke Body Condition Scoring Chart. Powerful photos throughout the site.

Equine Advocates
Information on: Horse slaughter; Premarin; equine abuse; carriage horses.

Equus Sanctuary Horse Rescue
Horse slaughter; Premarin; transport; wild horses.

Friends of Animals: PMU Investigation
(Excellent article exposes the cruelty behind the PMU industry.)

Links to Online video Stable to Slaughter, as well as video coverage of the HOPE Rally to End Horse Slaughter

Horse Transport (Investigative Report from WTAE-TV Action News, Pittsburgh; includes online video)

Menopause Online (PETA)
The Menopause Online site includes footage of PETA's Premarin investigation

PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)
Brochures: "A Natural Approach to Menopause"
"The Risk of Hormone Replacement Therapy"
"Protecting Your Bones"?

The Truth About Premarin
(A wealth of information on Premarin)

A new drug called, CENESTIN, a form of synthetic conjugated estrogens, is now on the market and available to women to treat the symptoms of menopause.

Information on Deterring Horse Theft:

Protect Your Horse (HSUS)

Illinois Horse ONLINE Presents: How Can You Stop Theft?

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