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Mission Statement

MetroPets Online promotes the adoption of homeless animals and the well-being of all animals in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area through the smart use of Internet technology.

Description of Organization

MetroPets, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded for the purpose of increasing the adoption rate for homeless animals by using the technology of the Internet to coordinate on line adoption services for all local animal shelters and rescue organizations.


Web Site

MetroPets' web site electronically links the web sites of local animal shelters and rescue organizations into one large database, searchable by the general public. The web site, updated daily, contains local news items, a comprehensive yellow pages of local pet services, information on specific pet species, and links to the most current legislative issues.

Animal Technical Assistance Program

ATAP is a three-tiered program which:

  • Offers regular classes geared towards local animal groups on Internet literacy, maintaining their web sites, and popular software packages.
  • Offers pro-bono consulting services to local non-commercial animal organizations.
  • Provides one-on-one assistance and tutoring to staff and volunteers of animal organizations.


The Benefits for the General Public

  • An easy to use, systematic database that locates the adoptable animal(s) of their choice within the metropolitan area
  • The ability to notify all metro area animal shelters and rescue organizations of a lost animal with one report
  • Links with locally-based animal organizations and animal-related businesses so they can find resources on vet care, training, boarding and a variety of other topics in one central location
  • Resources such as local legislative information, recreational activities, and the special events of animal organizations to help create a metropolitan-area constituency for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life for all companion animals.

The Benefits for Animals Shelters and Animal Rescue Organizations

  • An increase in the adoption rate throughout the metro area
  • An increase in the number of lost animals returned to their homes
  • A metro-wide forum for humane education
  • Greater visibility in the metro community and enhanced public relations -- a professional presence on the web will provide contributors and volunteers with one more way to promote the organization and with another reason to be proud of the organization's accomplishments
  • Smoother shelter operations and fewer customer service problems because MetroPets will have provided information about spay/neuter, adoption regulations, and animal availability before the public goes to the shelter.
  • Increased awareness among the public on issues important to humane organizations:
  • -- the importance of spay/neuter -- the prevention of animal cruelty -- laws and regulations governing animal control and protection in the surrounding communities -- animal health care -- humane education
  • Benefits for Staff and Volunteers
  • MetroPets will provide training and technical assistance in Internet technology for staff and volunteers
  • MetroPets will provide a free employment service where organizations may list open positions.
  • Emotional support, practical support, training tips, FAQ, volunteer activities

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