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The Newsroom: Fact Sheet : US Secret Service K9 Unit

United States Secret Service K9 Unit


Q. Types of jobs the dogs perform?:
A. Dogs specialize in explosives detection. They are not cross trained for any other purpose.

Q. Breeds; size; type of dogs used?:
A. Belgian Malinois, Dutch and German Shepard's. There is no distinction, in the choice of breeds. Each dog is chosen based on his/her capabilities and suitability to the job.

Officer and K-9Q. Are the dogs bred for the job or rescued?:
A. Dogs are obtained through a professional working dog breeding program, located overseas. No rescues are used.

Q. Are the dogs fostered before being trained (e.g.: puppies)?:
A. The Secret Service does not accept any puppies into the Program.

Q. What is the final disposition of the dogs after being retired?:
A. Dogs remain with the handler's family after it he/she is retired.

Q. How long has this Program been in existence?:
The Secret Service K-9 Program was established in 1977

Q.If puppies are part of Program, are foster homes needed for pups?:
A. N/A. The Agency uses only full-grown, young, adult dogs.

Q. Is there anything the public can do to assist this Program?:
A. Donations of time or money are not required nor can they be accepted. The Program is fully funded by the Federal government.

However, when in an area where these dogs are present, please allow them to do their job. Be aware of them and do not approach them or obstruct them in any way. They are performing a vital job and should not be distracted, even by a animal lover's well-intended pat on the head, at any time.

Q. Is there a web site with more info?:

Jeanette I. Davias

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