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Why Adopt an Animal from an Animal Shelter?

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The best selection available!

Using the MetroPets Adoptable Pet Search Engine, you can view hundreds of animals who are available for adoption in the DC area. From a Great Dane to a hamster, all pets listed on the web sites of local animal shelters and rescue groups can be found through our search engine. It might surprise you that 25% of the animals in animal shelters are purebreds. On the other hand, many people prefer mixed breed animals in that often they have better health and calmer temperaments.

Please think carefully before insisting on a puppy or kitten. Adult dogs are easier to train than puppies (and are usually house-trained). Adult cats are calmer and less apt to scratch. We do not condone the de clawing of cats. But if you really would like to raise a puppy or kitten, there are many available in the local shelters as well as the cat and dog rescue groups.

A more economical alternative

Rescued animals are a bargain. Pet stores will charge you hundreds of dollars for (perhaps) a purebred animal whose history is unknown. Animals in shelters are evaluated for health and behavior problems, and are given all their shots, wormed, and in most cases, spayed or neutered. The adoption fee varies from $35 to $200 and almost always includes all medical treatment (vaccines, spay/neuter, etc.). Additionally, animals kept in "foster homes" (temporary homes while a permanent home is sought) are often given additional training and the foster parent can tell you all about the animal's character, preferences, and other very useful information.

Save a life

Every year between 4 and 8 million animals are euthanized in animal shelters across the United States. Many of these animals are strays; but an astounding number are animals given up or abandoned by people who no longer want them. [Read our section on giving up pets] You can save one of these lives, and give love to an animal who has been sadly neglected. The rewards of helping an animal in need are enormous.

Support a community service

Local animal shelters deserve your support. They operate on low budgets, working tirelessly to take in and help animals who are abandoned, neglected, and even abused. They provide many educational and health services to the public, often at low or no cost. Such groups are dedicated to the furthering of humane treatment of animals, but they do need the support of the public. Please adopt your next pet!

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