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How to help: Prevent abuse : Learn about the connection between animal abuse and human abuse

The following are articles and resources demonstrating the links between domestic violence and abuse towards animals. Currently the laws in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia treat most animal abuse crimes as misdemeanors. Please contact your congressmen to ask them to change all animal abuse crimes to a felony.

American Humane Association - The LinkT National Resource Center

ArkOnline's testimonials about human and animal abuses' links

Beyond Violence: The Human-Animal Connection, PSYETA

The Connection Between Animal Cruelty and Human Violence, HSUS

Additional Resources

Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse: The Deadly Connection By Murry J. Cohen, M.D., and Caroline Kweller, PCRM

Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse, the Pet Tribune

Doris Day Animal League - The Violence Connection

HSUS statistics on violence

List of known criminals and the crimes they committed against both animals and humans

National Resource Center on the Link Between Violence to People and Animals

Recent news of animal abuse cases

THE TANGLED WEB OF ANIMAL ABUSE: The Links between Cruelty to Animals and Human Violence

Youth Violence and Animal Cruelty -- Case Examples

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