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Volunteer Position: Outreach Coordinator

MetroPets Online, Inc. is looking for an outgoing, energetic, and creative person to assume the duties of Outreach Coordinator. The Outreach Coordinator will be responsible for scheduling and coordinating all public outreach and visibility events. Specific duties will include:

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Maintain a calendar of local community and pet-related events;
  • Determine which events MetroPets should attend;
  • Arrange to sign up for events that MetroPets will attend, including arranging for payment as necessary;
  • Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure appropriate event staffing;
  • Arrange for set up and clean up for each event, including transportation of items and equipment to and from the event;
  • Gather feedback from volunteers as to value and effectiveness of each event;
  • Train volunteers to set up and staff events;
  • Act as liaison with other animal welfare groups to provide mutual support for outreach opportunities;
  • Maintain MetroPets’ inventory of brochures, handouts and sale items so that MetroPets’ table is appropriately stocked for each event;
  • Arrange for storage of brochures, handouts and sale items when not in use.

Report to: the Executive Director.

Time Commitment: April – October, approximately 10 hours per month

November – March, approximately 3 hours per month

No experience required – just the desire to help animals by supporting the efforts of MetroPets Online, Inc.


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