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Animal Yellow Pages: Wildlife Sanctuaries

See also: Wildlife Rehabilitators

Local Wildlife Protection Organizations

Citizens for the Preservation of Wildlife:
Organization to protect wildlife in Virginia using humane methods

Maryland Wildlife Rehabilitator listings:

Virginia Wildlife Rehabilitator listings:

Government Wildlife Organizations

National Park Service:

Government organization for regulating national parks.

United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service:

Federal government organization to protect natural resources.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service:
Government organization for the conservation of wildlife.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife:
Cams showing wildlife and information about wildlife in the state of Washington.

Nation-wide Wildlife Organizations

For Animal Protection Institute:
Description: A national non-profit to advocate for the needs of animals and prevent exploitation.

The Animals Voice:

An organization for animal rights. This website includes over 10,000 links to animal rights related sites.

All Wildlife Rescue Education Inc.:
A Southern California based organization dedicated to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting:
New York based organization to eliminate sport hunting.

Defenders of Wildlife:
A non-profit organization to protect wildlife and biodiversity.

Field of Dreams Hunting Club:
A hunting club in Washington State that advocates ethical hunting.

The Fund for Animals:
Description: An animal protection organization founded by humorist and humanitarian Cleveland Armory.

Honor and NonViolence:

A New Jersey organization for animal protection.

Humane Society of the United States:
National non-profit organization for the humane treatment of animals.

National Geographic:
Links to various current events and concerns regarding the environment and wildlife.

National Wildlife Federation:
National non-profit dedicated to preserving wildlife and educating the public.

Network for Good: Information on how to help protect wildlife.


Animal Rights organization with several wildlife protection campaigns.

Predator Conservation Alliance:
An organization dedicated to protecting predators and their habitats.

U.S. and Canadian Parks links: s link page with information on parks in North America.

Wildlife Care Center:
Florida based organization for wildlife rehabilitation and conservation education.

Wildlife Conservation Society:

New York based conservation society to protect animals in zoos as well as wildlife in New York City and around the world.

Wildlife Protection Network:

Conservation and wildlife management organization focused primarily on Pennsylvania.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Network:
Directory of information on wildlife rehabilitation including a listing of rehabilitators.

Wildlife needs habitat off limits to humans:
Website written by mathematician and scientist with information on conservation of natural habitats and links to scientific resources with information on conservation.

International Wildlife Organizations

Animal Welfare Institute:
An organization dedicated to reduce the suffering of animals caused by humans. Includes information on various conservation concerns.

Born Free:
An international animal rights organization for the conservation of animals in their natural habitat.

Wildlife Trust:
UK based organization for protecting wildlife.

World Wildlife Fund:
International organization for protecting and conserving wildlife.

Associations for protecting Specific Species

Bat Conservation International:
Description: An organization for protecting and conserving bats.

Information on beavers and how to protect wildlife.

An organization to protect the last wild buffalo.

Information about raccoons and wildlife rescue.

Siberian Tiger:
Virginia educational organization for protecting the Siberian tiger.

Wolfdog Alliance:
Information about wolf dogs and wolf dogs in need of rescue.

Wolf Education and Research Center: Information
About wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains.

Wolf is at the Door:
Information and links on wolves and wolf dogs.

Help preserve wildlife. Read about successful "Critter Crossings".

Is there a wildlife sanctuary we haven't listed? Have a comment or update on a current listing? Please let us know!

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