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Animal Yellow Pages: Traveling with your pet

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Pet Friendly Hotels
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Web sites on pet-friendly spots


Action Pet Express
tel: (304) 274-6859 / (888) 234-5028
525-K East Market St # 202, Leesburg, VA
Domestic and International Pet Travel Specialist Providing personalized service to Greater WASHINGTON DC area

McCabe Bremer Travel
1491 Chain Bridge Rd #200 McLean VA 22101
tel: 703/905-9100 800/747-8401
McCabe Bremer is a full service travel agency with a specialist in Traveling with Pets! Contact Sharon Stone,

General information on traveling with your pet

Airline travel and links to sites with summaries of regulations

Airline Regulations on pets

Companion Air

tel: (561) 615-1120

Air Canada

Air France:

Pets accompanying the passenger must conform to the legislation of the country of destination. Under 5kg (11 lb) in weight, the animal needs clearance at the time of reservation and must travel in cabin baggage. Over 5 kg (11 lb), the animal travels in the pressurized, heated hold. A regulation cage is necessary.

Alaska airlines

Alitalia -- could not get any info

America West

America West Airlines promotes itself as a very pet-friendly airline. And they do allow pets in the cabin. A fee of $50 is charged for a pet accompanying a passenger onboard. Only two pets per flight are allowed. See America West web site for more details.

American Airlines

Compensation maximum liability: $1250 (WSJ, Oct 8, 1999)


Compensation maximum liability: case by case (WSJ, Oct 8, 1999)


Compensation maximum liability: $1250 (WSJ, Oct 8, 1999)

Horizon air

KLM Pets Travel Service

Lufthansa: could find no info


Northwest air, Northwest air

Compensation maximum liability: by weight, if insured and value is declared before flight that amount is paid. No value is declared payment is 50 cents per pound plus shipping cost (WSJ, Oct 8, 1999)


"We have different regulations for pet transportation. The cost on international flights is of $60.00USD. Pet transportation is not included in the free bag allowance and applies per pet in each direction from origin to destination. Dogs, cats and birds being transported into Mexico require a veterinarian health certificate issued with no more that 15 days prior to entry date. The certificate must indicate that the pet is free of parasites and proof that all vaccinations including parvovirus, distemper, rabies, hepatitis, etc. must have been administered. Mexicana, accepts domestic live animals for travel in the passenger cabin or cargo department. The flight in which the pet is being transported must be advised, since there certain fleet that do not allow the transportation. The owner must travel on the same flight with the pet and provide a leakproof kennel for transport. Right to pet cabin travel is awarded on a first-come / first-serve basis, requiring a 3 hour prior check-in time at the airport. For other types of animals or unaccompanied pets please advise so that we may refer you to the Mexicana cargo department for the airport you will be departing from. If you need more information please email us or call us toll free at 1 800 531 7921. "

SAS -- no info


Southwest Airlines does not accept live animals other than animals trained to assist persons with disabilities.

TWA: (not very helpful)

Compensation maximum liability: case by case(WSJ, Oct 8, 1999)

United airlines

Compensation maximum liability: $1250 (WSJ, Oct 8, 1999)

US Airways

Compensation maximum liability: case by case(WSJ, Oct 8, 1999)

Books on traveling with your pet

Vacationing with Your Pet; Eileen's Directory of Pet-Friendly Lodging by Eileen Barish

Traveling With Your Pet 1999 : The AAA Petbook : The AAA Guide to More Than 10,000 Pet-Friendly, AAA Rated Lodgings Across the United States & Canada by Greg Weekes (Editor), American Automobile Association

On the Road Again with Man's Best Friend by Dawn Habgood et al
A Selective Guide to New England's Bed and Breakfasts, Inns, Hotels and Resorts That Welcome You and Your Dog


Take Your Pet Along : 1001 Places to Stay With Your Pet by Heather MacLean Walters


Globetrotting Pets
By Dr. Forsythe


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